Boarding Services

We are now offering boarding services! Your dogs (2 max per kennel) will have a private kennel, in a temperature controlled room, access to private play yard, and plenty of love/attention throughout the day.

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated – must email shot records in advance.
  • In-tact male + female dogs welcome.
  • Pet owners must send in pet care agreement form before drop off. Linked here.
  • Non refundable deposit required at booking. $50 deposit for reservations that are less than one week. $100+ deposit for reservations that are a week or more. Will be decided upon in discussion.

Current dates NOT boarding: 

  • 5/22-5/28 2024
  • 8/28-9/2 2024

Standard Prices:

  • 1 dog = $50 / day
  • 2 dogs = $70 / day

Holiday Prices (the week of any federal holiday):

  • 1 dog = $60 / day
  • 2 dogs = $80 / day

Add ons:

  • Bath / dry before pick up = $30 for 1 dog, $50 for 2
  • You are expected to bring your own food, if not you will be charged $5 / day
  • Special requests considered for potential additional charge

Call / Text Mark @ 208-941-3035 for any questions!

Boarding Request Form

Complete this form to request a quote, and we will notify you about the availability of those dates.

Pet Care Agreement

Pet sitter (PS): SBG

The remaining balance due to PS is due at the completion of care and services (pick up). Balance to be paid via Venmo friends (no business transactions) or cash (preferred method).

PO agrees to reimburse PS for reasonable expenses incurred arising from/relating to

  • Medical care and treatment
  • Emergency medical care
  • Services provided by a veterinarian

Paid via: Venmo (friends), or cash

Care and services provided under this agreement:

  • Feed the pet, change water bowls
  • Walk and exercise the pet
  • Play with pet
  • Clean up and dispose
  • Bath + dry for pick up (Additional cost, only if selected "yes" in Boarding Request form)