Our Boys

Kai Cope Osmond


Kai is the clown of the family, if there is mischief he is involved somehow. A playful pup of large stature with tons of personality! He has a nice bulky structure with a nice blocky head. He has a cream and honey coat that if you can believe is more beautiful in person.

Master Odin White Pine


Odin is an English style Golden Retriever. He has an exceptional pedigree with a lot of champions, health clearances, and titles.

International "Little Man" Scout


Scout is such a handsome and goofy boy! He has the field structure with a larger/boxier head which makes him unique. He is extremely eager to please, high drive with a good off switch, excellent temperament, loves people, and is just the classic golden we all love.

Silver Buttes Golden Major


Major is such a big teddy bear! He is very good with kids, other people, and is a show off of his wonderful temperament. When we took him in for some health testing, the vet raved about how relaxed and good he was. So good, that they didn't need to sedate him for the X-rays. We are so thrilled to have this big fluff in our program, and can't wait to see what his pups look like.

Ruger Murphy Martineau


The best way to describe this guy would have to be a pleaser! He is very loyal and ALWAYS ready to please our whole family. Ruger has a playful side as well as a lovey cuddly side when we’re hanging out at home, BUT when it’s time to get serious and go to work in the fields or the duck blind, he doesn’t hesitate to go to work. 

Merfy III


Awesome family dog. Incredibly loyal, goofy and eager to please. Has a pedigree full of show champions and his beauty reveals that! He has a nice cream coat, great structure, and the temperament that we all want in a companion golden. He loves to play, and loves to cuddle.