Advertise With Us! - Family of Breeders

Advertise With Us! - Family of Breeders

Interested in being a part of our family of breeders?

I’ve been wanting to share more about this aspect of our program for a while now, just didn’t know how. PLEASE READ!

At Silver Butte Golden Retrievers we are a family of breeders that work together to raise quality puppies, but also find incredible homes for them!

What is a “Family of Breeders”?

This can mean all sorts of things as each situation and partnership is different. Essentially the basis of this is that we have either approached other reputable breeders about helping find their puppies home, or they have approached us.

Talking to potential puppy buyers is one of my favorite parts of the process, so doing it for other breeders was a no brainer!

As you can imagine, it can get confusing! One of my goals is to be as upfront, transparent, and honest as possible to avoid things getting complicated.

This part of our service includes finding homes, walking buyers through the process, collecting payments, using our platform to share pics and videos of your dogs and pups, organizing a pick up day, and showcasing your dogs on all our social media’s and website!

I thought it would help if I listed my partners below so that others can view their pages (if they have one). Like I mentioned above, not all of the partnerships are the same - a few have been breeding for years, others a few months, and some are in the beginning stages. All reputable, good, honest people I’m blessed to call my friends.

Please let me know if this interests you or if you have any questions about joining us! We’d love to have you.

Mark: 208-941-3035