Deposit Agreement

Deposit Agreement

Deposit Agreement & Instructions

FIRST: Have you filled out a puppy application yet? If so, proceed. If not, PLEASE do that first by clicking here.

NOTE: Currently only accepting DEPOSIT payments via Venmo @markbeus (payment app), or check made out to Silver Butte Golden Retrievers. Venmo users must NOT mark their transaction business related unless they want the Venmo fees (will provide proof) added to their balance.

NOTE: All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, but ARE transferrable to a different litter in the family of breeders of SBG


1. Copy & Paste the DEPOSIT AGREEMENT section below into an email addressed to:

2. Fill out the date, litter specification OR your preference on gender and color i.e. "red female".

3. All pups come with LIMITED AKC registration capabilities. Please inquire via email first before asking for FULL AKC capabilities.

4. The remainder on this agreement is the total cost of pup, minus the deposit. Please don't send agreement without inputting the remainder amount. Total cost of litters can be found in the "Litters" section under the litter of your choice. If this information is not available, send Mark a quick text @ (208) 941-3035 to ask for pricing on specified litter.


Date: ____________

Deposit Amount: $300

Description: Non-refundable deposit placed with Mark & Jessica Beus of Silver Butte Golden Retrievers, to reserve a puppy in an upcoming litter.

Litter/Preferences: __________________________

Gender Preference: FEMALE / MALE

AKC Registration: LIMITED / FULL

Pricing: Deposit $300, remainder $__________, (FULL AKC is additional, ask Mark)

The parties have agreed to the following:

  1. That the deposit holds a place in line to choose a puppy in an upcoming litter.

  2. That the deposit will count towards total cost of purchasing a Silver Butte Golden Retriever puppy.

  3. Once committed to a specific litter, if said party’s circumstances change and are unable to take their puppy home, they will be placed at the end of the deposit list for future litters.

  4. That the deposit is non-refundable.

  5. The selected puppy will come with first vaccinations (administered by licensed vet), de-wormer, wellness exam, AKC registration, basic socialization, a two-year health warranty, and started on potty training.

  6. Silver Butte Golden Retrievers reserves the right of first pick in any litter.​

  7. I have read and agreed to the two-year warranty. (Initial here):

The below signatures confirm that all parties agree to the above conditions:

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Seller's Electronic Signature: Mark Beus

Buyer's Electronic Signature: