Overall Process

Overall Process

The overall process from first interaction, to picking up your puppy!

Please keep in mind the following: Silver Butte Golden Retrievers has evolved into a family of reputable, good, honest golden retriever breeders across the Pacific Northwest. Currently in our network we have breeders in three different states: Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. To learn more about this family of breeders, please click here.

1. Please fill out our Puppy Application here.

2. Once the application has been filled out, send Mark a quick text: 208-941-3035

3. Once your application has been approved, we ask that you read, and fill out the deposit agreement here.

4. Send your $300 deposit via Venmo, or check made out to Silver Butte Golden Retrievers (message Mark for address).

5. Understanding Deposit List VS Reservations List:

Reservation List: Both litter and gender specific reservation. It is usually three male and three female per litter.

Deposit List: General list with specific notes from you on your application (i.e. "red female"). If you are on this list, you get the first choice to reservations as they come available. This can be by way of new litter announcements, cancellations, and litters born with more than three males and three females.

Important to note:Your name is not on any sort of list unless you have paid the $300 deposit.

6. Once committed to a specific litter, wait for it to be announced. Usually if you see a pic of Mom and Dad side by side it means they have been successfully bred. Once this occurs, we will have a better time frame of when pups can be picked up by their forever families!

7. Watch your puppy grow through social media. We will do our best to update you weekly through pics, and videos. A highlight on instagram will be dedicated solely to your litter.

Important to note:We allow visits by appointment only!

8. Within a week or two of pick up, you will be assigned a time to go and pick out and pick up your puppy. This is usually a 30-45 minute timeframe. Please be on time, with your remaining balance in cash, cashiers check (please ask Mark who to make it out to). Venmo is no longer allowed as a payment method for pick up day.

Important to note: No other forms of payment are accepted on pick up day.

9. All of the puppies come with the following:

10. Last and certainly not least, LIFETIME BREEDER SUPPORT! We are always here to help and answer questions the best way that we can. We love keeping up with our puppies, their families, and gaining new friendships along the way.